Tips for Big Ticket Shopping at an Appliance Store for New Homeowners

First time homeowners are understandably going to be very excited about the prospect of designing their new abode, filling it up with their chosen furniture and design pieces that will reflect their personality and sense of style. Apart from that, of course, appliances will also have to be brought in.


Buying major appliances is a huge step, basically because it counts as a serious and long-term investment. It should be able to cater to your needs at home, and your consideration of its functionality should supercede its aesthetics. That’s a factor, too, of course, but you should decide based on how well it will work for you.

Here are some simple shopping tips that you could put to good use when going shopping for your big ticket items in a quality appliance store in your area.


You want to be able to maximize the machine as well, so it’s ideal to buy one that not only has guaranteed durability, but also has generous space that you can expand for more storage. It’s best if you measure beforehand the space in your kitchen where the fridge will go, so you can get one with the right size.

Stove/Oven Range

It’s ultimately up to you if you will get a gas stovetop or an induction cooker. Weigh the pros and cons of each model first before deciding on which one to buy. Again, size is important because your stove or oven should be easily accessible, and your kitchen space should let you amply move around as you work.

Washing Machine

Having a reliable washing machine at home is perhaps a top priority for many homeowners. You won’t have to go all the way to the laundry shop just to get your clothes cleaned, which is inconvenient if you expect piles and piles of laundry to do. . In terms of machine models, you can choose between top-loaders or front-loaders.

Top-loaders tend to be easier to use since you just pull the clothes up from the bin instead of having to bend down to deal with them. However, front-loaders do tend to use 65% less in energy, and save as much as a third in water consumption, so each of them does have some strong points going for them.

Of course, for all these different appliances, whatever their appealing features may be, they should be energy efficient. To make the most of your budget, ensure that you pick from reliable appliance brands and models that suit your specific home needs.

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